Harnessing the global audience and economics of “the beautiful game” to unlock opportunities for under-served youth and communities in East Africa.

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In Gulu, a remote region in northern Uganda still recovering from a devastating civil war, there are limited prospects and hope, particularly for the area’s young people. International development dollars and attention have largely moved on from the region to new “hot spots”, and what little charitable interest remains is principally focused on “programming for all”, with almost no investment in talented high-achievers who have the potential to go from “good to great”.


Football for Good (FFG) unlocks the competitive advantages of emerging regions in East Africa, starting in northern Uganda, to identify and develop youth football talent, deliver world-class training, education and character-building, and provide global opportunities to the youth and communities it serves.

This is “Fair Trade Football”.

Led by ex-Publican Adrian Bradbury, Football for Good operates an elite residential academy in Gulu that is delivering a talent development pathway in football, academics and character-building tailored exclusively for the unique needs and gifts of East African youth, and is creating positive social impact, mentorship and job creation through sub-Saharan Africa’s first Agri-Football program.

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In only 18 months of operation, Football for Good has already identified and enrolled 50 of the region’s top young people, with two youth already selected for the U17 National Team and one U17 player named MVP at the National High School Finals. FFG has attracted serious interest from some of the most storied and recognized football programs in Europe and North America, and is poised to create a pathway for the region’s youth to international sport and scholarship opportunities that will ultimately return economic benefit back to the region, and help fund and strengthen local development and education opportunities.