Meet the Publican: Dan

Dan wears many hats at PUBLIC, both literally and figuratively. Your attention span probably isn’t long enough to read about everything Dan does, so here’s 5 quick facts to get the gist:

1. Do you have a hidden talent?

Does singing in the shower count?

2. What’s your next adventure?


3. What’s your favourite meal?

Well, I’m just back from Spain, so, right now it’s tapas — or pintxos, as they are known in Basque country. 

4. What’s your favourite movie?

It’s a tie: Dr. Strangelove and Amélie.

5. Describe what it’s like to be a Publican in 3 words.

Highly rewarding challenge.


Dan occasionally graces the office with his beautiful, 14 year old, husky shepherd dog Scout!

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