Meet the Publican: Jane

As our newest Director of Client Strategy, Jane helps our clients bring their #ProfitWithPurpose dreams to life. But there are plenty of other layers to our newest Publican, including her odd connection with Bob Saget. We sat down with her this week to get all the juicy details…

1. What’s your favourite thing about PUBLIC?

I love how much sharing happens within our walls (and inboxes). I get to learn something new every day. If something major happens in culture, I know I’ll never miss it because someone will send it around.

2. What’s something weird about you?

I have a signed Bob Saget photo in my home. It’s set up like a little shrine.
… No, I’m not just a massive Bob Saget fan. I got it in a White Elephant gift swap and now consider it a hilarious conversation starter.

3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

The piece of advice that has served me the most in my life is actually one we probably got when we were all little: put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Having empathy for other people – your coworkers, clients, friends, strangers sitting with you in traffic – helps you make sense of the world and have a more positive energy.

4. What did you want to be when you were little?  

Embarrassingly, in fifth grade when they asked us this question for our yearbook page, I said “well connected”.

5. What social impact issue means a lot to you?

There is so much that needs fixing in this world that it’s hard to choose. But I’ll say Affordable Housing. I used to work for an organization called LIFT, which pairs college students with community members who need access to social services and resources. Most often, I worked with clients who needed permanent housing. Market rate apartments were almost always out of the question and getting off a public housing waitlist takes years. It just felt like there was no

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