Meet the Publican: Jon

Meet Jon, PUBLIC’s very own Chief Creative Officer, bringing his many many many creative talents to the table.

1. What’s something weird about you?

While not necessarily weird, I have attached earlobes. As represented in the chart below, they are relatively rare. Perhaps my esoteric knowledge of ear anatomy is the weird thing instead. Hrm.


2. What’s your favourite thing about PUBLIC? 

My favourite thing about working at PUBLIC (besides the people of course) is the office space. Plenty of break out areas and plants and a generally chill cool vibe.

3. If you were a dog, what kind would you be? 

If I were a dog, I’d be a wolf.

4. Where’s your favourite place?

My favourite place is at the piano.

5. What social impact issue means a lot to you? 

LGBTQ rights, promotion of urban bicycle infrastructure and protection of wetlands would be a few social impact issues that mean a lot to me.


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