Meet the Publican: Kelsey


Kelsey is our Publican Kiwi. We couldn’t be more proud that she chose PUBLIC as her first Canadian agency. We sat down with our Project Manager on the yellow couch this week.

1. What’s something weird about you?

My only quality dance move is the worm.

2. Where’s your favourite place?

Lake Tekapo (in the middle of New Zealand’s South Island). It has the clearest skies in the southern hemisphere, the lake is a crystal blue colour as it is fed from a glacier. At certain times of the year, Lupins cover the area around the lake in all shades of purple.
Google it or go there… you won’t be disappointed.

3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Probably my mother always telling me to drink more water, she is never wrong. Thanks, Carol!

4. What social impact issue means a lot to you? 

LGBTQ issues have always been close to my heart and something I will always be involved in. Witnessing marriage equality come in to effect in both Australia and New Zealand were pretty exciting moments in my life.

5. What’s your favourite thing about working at PUBLIC?

The people! Publicans are the loveliest bunch and as a newcomer to Canada, it has been wonderful to be surrounded by such legends.


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