Meet the Publican: Martha

Meet Martha, PUBLIC’s SVP of Marketing & Communications, a jet setter, busy mom of four, spaghetti lover and much more!

1. What’s your favourite movie?

I love When Harry Met Sally, but also Pulp Fiction, Boogie Nights and Ground Hog Day. Now that discloses my age!

2. What lead you to joining Public? 

PUBLIC truly plays into my anything-is-possible mentality! I was captivated by the vision and the challenge of working with a smart, passionate group of people to help solve complex issues. I love what PUBLIC stands for, and truly believe that companies can and will help drive large-scale social change. We just need to show them how.

3. What’s your guilty pleasure/vice? 

My guilty pleasure is spending an afternoon on my own, wandering the streets, museums or just sitting in a coffee shop reading my book. Oh yeah, and binge watching TV shows with a big bottle of wine and a large bag of potato chips!

4. What’s your favourite meal?

Spaghetti with fresh tomato, garlic and great olive-oil….finished with a big chunk of parmesan cheese.

5. What social impact issue means a lot to you? 

Closest to my heart is empowering kids. I’m kept up at night worrying about the influence of technology and how we can help kids to become strong, resilient young adults. Outside of work, I actively work with organizations who support women and children globally and I’m a community advocate, volunteering my time within the school system and helping new Canadians.

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