Meet the Publican: Muriam

This week on the yellow couch… we’re sitting down with Muriam, Public’s Engagement Intern! We dove deep to get her thoughts on life, world travels, and the best advice she’s ever received. Learn all about her, below!

1. What social impact issue means a lot to you?
A social impact issue that means a lot to me is ensuring that all people are able to exercise their human rights!

2. What’s your favourite thing about working at PUBLIC?
Definitely the people and coming up with new ideas! Being an intern in the engagement team means that I have the freedom to pitch ideas, and hop onto new projects.

3. Where is your favourite place in the world?
Anywhere that has art, I love museums, historic sites, and knowing about the history of people and how that was communicated through art!

4.What’s the best advice you have ever received?
In life everything is connected, thus solutions must be holistic!

5. What’s something weird about you?
If I really like a movie, I can watch it 3-4 times back to back without getting tired of it, as you can tell I love watching movies!

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