PUBLIC Chats: Climb Together

We’ve teamed up with Black Rock Coffee, Basecamp Climbing, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada in a new project titled Climb Together. By infusing purpose into the unique operations at Black Rock Coffee and Basecamp Climbing, we’re creating an opportunity for the cafe and climbing gym to give back to the community.

We’ve created a classic coffee stamp card, with a twist of purpose. Once a customer reaches 10 coffees at Black Rock Coffee, they can return the card to receive not only a free coffee for themselves, but also to give a kid from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada a free climbing lesson at Basecamp Climbing.

We chatted with the guys behind Black Rock Coffee and Basecamp Climbing to get to know a little more about what drove them to start Climb Together.

Can you tell us more about Basecamp Climbing and Black Rock Coffee?

Black Rock Coffee and Basecamp Climbing were created by myself (Zohar), Matt and Mike, who are a few of my very close friends. It’s been a dream of Matt’s for a long time to open the most central climbing gym in Toronto. While he was in the process of making this happen, we realized that there was an adjacent unit that was also available for lease. We envisioned this additional space to be available for the community. A place for climbers not only to hang out, but to act as a hub for all adventurers. You can see our inspiration behind Black Rock in the maps on the tables, travel books and guides, photos from around the world on the walls, and more. The theme of exploration, adventure, and travel is infused in both Black Rock Coffee and Basecamp Climbing.


How did Climb Together come to be?

We were connected with PUBLIC through a Refugee Dinner we hosted at Black Rock that Cole from PUBLIC attended. After that initial introduction, we started thinking about ways to put Black Rock on the map as more than just a coffee shop. We wanted to represent our values. Naturally, the connection to climbing was there so we built on that by providing the opportunity of free climbing for underprivileged kids that otherwise might not have this option. Right now, it’s all about having a bigger reach. We don’t have any concrete plans for the Climb Together campaign moving forward, but I think I’d like to give the opportunity to other organizations and underrepresented communities that are interested.


Are there any upcoming events at Black Rock or Basecamp that we should keep an eye out for?

Basecamp is celebrating a big 2 year anniversary with a party on February 9th complete with a climbing competition, drinks, and an all night dance party with DJ’s and funky lights! We also do regular events at the gym. We’re always welcoming new people and building our community. It’s so nice to see people forming friendships, planning trips, all originating from the gym.

Black Rock is hoping to host more events in the coming months for different communities in Toronto. We’ve hosted open mics and poetry nights in the past and are going to continue to do so. We also host an event called Trips and Drinks for the outdoor community which consists of anyone interested in things like camping and climbing, or other activities that involve spending time outside. These are a great opportunity for people to come together and meet like-minded individuals and plan more adventures!

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