PUBLIC Chats: Gratitude Challenge

Every month, PUBLIC’s Office Manager Amanda organizes a theme for the Publicans through workshops, tips, and challenges. Last month, we focused on gratitude. In honour of American Thanksgiving, we thought we’d reflect on the challenge and chat with Amanda about gratitude.

What was the Gratitude Challenge? 

The theme for the month of October at PUBLIC was gratitude Over the past two decades, studies have consistently found that people who practice gratitude report fewer symptoms of illness, including depression, more optimism and happiness, stronger relationships, more generous behavior, and many other benefits.

The Gratitude Challenge was a way to encourage the Publicans to practice gratitude. Every morning I would put up a poster prompt to encourage people to think of something they’re grateful for surrounding a specific theme. Each day, the Publican’s would write something on the poster that they were grateful for in relation to the theme. Some examples of themes included a smell, a person, a song, a place, and a book. Each Publican got a tracker to mark each day they practiced gratitude with a sticker. If they filled their tracker with 10+ stickers by the end of the month they were rewarded with a little prize!

Compared to other monthly themes at PUBLIC, how did you find this one was received?

This one was incredibly well received. I think because it gave people some time within their work day to think about things they’re grateful for and things that make them happy!

What was your biggest takeaway from the challenge?

My biggest takeaway was that people can truly benefit from taking a breather to evaluate the wonderful things in their life. The challenge also acted as a great community builder. People were given the opportunity to share experiences that they normally wouldn’t, and make connections with others through things that make them feel good! All the good feels were felt!

What are you most grateful for?

I think that on a very meta level, I am most grateful for having the type of learning/work style that makes me want to do this kind of thing and want to teach others how to do it and benefit from it.



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