PUBLIC’s Fav 5 Things: Ben & Jerry’s

1. They’re granddaddies of the B Corp movement

Long before B Corp was the cool thing to do, Ben & Jerry’s was building social impact into their business model. It’s no surprise that when B Corp was eventually born that Ben & Jerry’s was one of the first major companies to get on board. The early adoption of the B Corp movement is what has paved the way for other companies (like PUBLIC Inc!) to join the movement of do-gooder companies all around the world.

2. They demonstrated marriage equality with ice cream flavours

“Love comes in all flavours” was the clever tagline Ben & Jerry’s used to announce that they would not serve two scoops of the same flavour in their Australian stores until same-sex marriage was legalized across the country. While this is a clever way to bring attention to the issues, Ben & Jerry’s has made equality a core value of its operations.

3. They let vegans into the club

Dairy allergy sufferers and ethical vegans alike, can now join the rest of the world in eating their way through heartbreak with non-dairy ice cream. I think I actually heard the screams of delight from vegans everywhere when Ben & Jerry’s announced a non-dairy line of their most popular flavours (admittedly, my scream may have been the loudest).

4. They fight climate change with sweet treats

In 2002, Ben & Jerry’s launched a carbon offset program for their Vermont manufacturing facilities. In 2007, they ran their first global warming advocacy campaign in partnership with the Dave Matthews Band (because they’re also really cool). We love seeing food manufacturers step up in this area.

5. They invented Cherry Garcia

“But that’s not even social impact, that’s just a flavour.” Oh yeah? Isn’t it though?! Because I can fully attest to the fact that Cherry Garcia has made me a better person. Also, this is a prime example of the naming genius that goes on at Ben & Jerry’s. Their bang on humour and references to pop culture make some of those heavier social impact issues go down a lot smoother (and sweeter!).

Side note: I loved Cherry Garcia ice cream long before I knew who Jerry Garcia was…. Millennials, am I right?

Written by Amanda Baker

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