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When you feel like you don’t even have one second to hear your own thoughts let alone meditate is most likely when you need it the most. The excuses are always legitimate: I have to finish this proposal, I have to pick up my kids, I have to meet this deadline, and so on. But the craziest of times call for extra self-care. As things have quickly picked up for 2018 at PUBLIC, we’ve made the conscious decision to actively pursue self care practices and encourage others to do the same. Office Manager/Superwoman Amanda guided us on the path to self-care with morning meditations, lunch breaks and afternoon walks. We asked a few of the Publicans who participated in this months self care practices to tell us something they’ve taken away from it:


“It’s so easy to get swept away by this fast-paced life we’re all living, and it seems it’s getting quicker by the day. Finding the time to slow down for a second, connect with yourself and how you’re feeling, and what you’re needing in that moment or for that day is so important.”


“I’ve always known the importance of self care but I didn’t prioritize it until this year. After some health issues my naturopath told me to write a list of 10 things that really nourish my soul. Some activities are really simple – like painting my nails really well or taking a bath, others are longer – like embroidery or organizing my bedroom. I make sure I do one thing each day and it’s really changed my life!”


“I get caught up in the need to hustle all the time which means I’m burnt out more often than not. Being given the tools, space, and time to practice self care throughout the work-day has been a wonderful breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively). I look forward to each aspect of our self care routine now, and I know that I’m more productive and happier because of it. I read such a perfect comparison by Latham Thomas where she talks about how we always recharge our phones, but we don’t recharge ourselves. As someone who’s obsessed with my devices, that really resonated with me. I definitely need to recharge more, do less, and not feel guilty about taking time for myself.”


“One of my biggest personal challenges is having a whole bunch of interests and wanting to stay busy, but also getting really worn out if I don’t find time to recharge. Creating time and space to take care of your mental and physical health is so important, so it feels extra amazing to work in an environment like PUBLIC where we explore different self-care methods right here in the office. I personally loved taking a bit of time each morning to meditate, and plan to keep it in my morning routine!”


I really like something Kino Macgregor talks about, which is that the people who don’t think they have two minutes to spare in a day for meditation are probably the people who need it the most. Starting each day at work with a 10 minute meditation this month has allowed me to set an intention for the day. I’ve felt more positive and energetic because of it. I also think it’s really nice to share something as personal as meditation with people we usually just interact with in a professional space. Practicing self care throughout the day at work has been a great reminder that sometimes you need to stop to take a deep breath and relax in order to do your best work and be your best self.”


“In the mornings when I first come in to the office, I often get overwhelmed about the tasks I need to get done for the day. Taking a short 10 minutes to meditate each morning has enabled me to go back to my desk, and focus on what needs to be done. On top of this, practicing self-care through our afternoon walks has encouraged me to get away from my computer. Overall this month has made me calmer, happier, and more productive. And some of the meditation skills I have learned can be applied into my everyday life.”


“It’s for the greater good.”

We’re so fortunate here at PUBLIC to have such a sacred community and space to cultivate self-care practices. The benefits of taking time to do little things that make you happy are obvious. For you, this might not mean meditating in the morning and eating lunch with your co-workers and that’s definitely okay. Find what your zen is, and find a way to prioritize that. Like Latham Thomas said, every time you recharge your phone, find a way to also recharge yourself.

We had a Mindful Eating potluck where Publican’s were asked to bring in “good food” aka anything that makes them feel good!

Self care walk selfie with some of the walking crew braving the cold!

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