PUBLIC Picks: Our Favourite Do-Good Products

Here’s this month’s roundup of our favourite do-good products to help you get the most out of those last final drops of Summer.

1. Substance Sun Care Cream, $23,

If you’ve been searching for a reliable Earth-friendly sunscreen, this is for you. Shea butter and calendula make this as luxurious as it is effective. Trust us, you don’t want to spend the last days of summer inside slathered in aloe and tears.

2. Patagonia Frisbee, $10,

Whether or not you want to get “Xtreme” with it, a good game of frisbee with friends is just about as summery as it gets. Patagonia makes a great one from recycled materials, so you can feel good about it, even if you lose the game.

3. Alchemy Pickle Kombucha, $5-8,

We know what you’re thinking. Kombucha is everywhere, it’s not “unique”. To that, we say, you’ve never had Alchemy Pickle’s kombucha. Brewed locally in Toronto, they source their ingredients direct from Southern Ontario Farmers for the freshest, most sustainable blends. Plus, nothing beats a cold ‘buch on a hot summer day (and yes… they also make pickles).

4. Moov Polish, $14.99,

This Toronto-based company has cracked the code on nail polish to bring us a chemical-free formula in colours that celebrate the beauty of Canada. Our personal favourite? “Double Double”, a sandy taupe, perfectly paired with some flip flops and a freshly cut lawn.

5. Surf the Greats Lesson, $175,

Think you have to go to a coast to surf? Think again. Surf the Greats will teach you how to surf (or paddle!) on our very own lakes. If that sounds a little strenuous for you, you can join the StG crew for one of their Sunday morning beach clean ups (where you’re guaranteed to find some strange treasures).

Written by Amanda Baker

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