PUBLIC Picks: February Favs

This month in the Public-verse, we’re talking all about getting off our screens and into real life.

Getting back into the “real world” is a great way to connect with people, nature and yourself without the distraction of the iPhone overlords. You don’t have to look far to find studies proving that offline time does a world of good for your overall happiness and creativity either.

1. Connect to Nature

Woodfield Retreat is heaven on earth…. if heaven was located in the middle of the most serene views in Muskoka. This retreat will give you a fully immersed offline experience including   therapy animals, yoga and meditation and incredible hiking trails. These guys are a fellow B Corp so you know they have their heart (and business) in the right place.

2. Get Lost in a Book (not an ebook please)

When’s the last time you read a book? Like actually read one (not listened to on Audible or watched the movie version)? Probably too long ago. Nothing can’t quite replace that feeling of book pages underneath your fingers, or the comforting smell of an old well loved classic. Publican Vivian recommends Blue Gold, which shows us why water will become the earth’s most fought over resource (horrifying… but educational).

3. Brainstorm IRL (…that’s “in real life” for my non millennial peeps)

Put pen to paper and get ‘er done! Writing lists or brainstorms can help you retain information and spark that creative fire that’s been smothered out by screens and robots! Plus, I bet your handwriting could use some practice. Use one of these gorgeous recycled notebooks to make your offline session a little more luxurious.

4. Talk to Strangers

Go against what your mom always told you, and go strike up a conversation with strangers! Toronto has some seriously great (and socially conscience) hangouts to bump into new friends. We love Balzac’s for their commitment to fair trade coffee and cruelty free dairy alternatives (helloooo macadamia nut mylk!). Here’s a masterful opening line to get your started, “Hey, what about this macadamia nut mylk? Right?” (*don’t blame us if you don’t make any friends with that one)

5. Learn a Craft 

So many (like soooo many) beautiful crafts have been lost to make room for mass produced generic items over the past century.  Instead of ordering a boring, carbon footprint heavy, bowl, why not form your own out of natural clay? The Gardiner Museum offers great classes to get your creative juices flowing. 



Written by Amanda Javier

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