PUBLIC Picks: January Favs

January, time to forget about last year and change everything about your life completely! ….Just kidding, but if that sounded like something you would do then you might want to read this months list focused on Self Care.

Although the overuse of the term has become cringe inducing, the benefits are nothing to shy away from.

With so much external stuff constantly vying for our attention (kids, friends, careers) life can be pretty exhausting, which is why slowing down and taking some time to take care of #1 (that’s you) can be difficult at times.

We’re hoping this months round up will help make it a little easier to work taking care of yourself into your daily habits.

1. Sleep Rituals

Awe, sleep! Do you vaguely remember it before life happened and you became an adult with responsibilities and deadlines? While most of us think of sleep as a utility, it can actually be an incredibly joyful experience. Grab yourself some new pyjamas, a diffuser (like this one from earth loving, Saje) and some lavender to set the mood. Go ahead, make it a whole “thing”. Make sure to turn off anything with a screen and make “bed time” a special time to be savoured and enjoyed.

2. Stay Hydrated

Coffee to keep you awake, sugar to deal with the caffeine crash, and so on and so forth until you’re a dehydrated, jittery, irritable version of your former self and you find yourself snapping at Becky from finance for humming to that Beyonce song too loud. Save Becky the heartache and just stay hydrated. Herbal tea and water are both great for keeping you off the java and in a clear, calm headspace. Fellow B Corp, Klean Kanteen makes some great water bottles to keep the habit going.

3. Schedule Offline Time 

This might be the hardest item on the list. Unplugging for a scheduled amount of time (it can even be just an hour) can do wonders for anxiety and for getting this creative juices flowing again. Not sure what to do with this offline time of bliss? Pick up a board game, book, or paint! Whatever you were into as a kid is your best bet (just don’t forget to clean up your legos after or Mom will have a fit!). 

P.S Lego has launched a sustainability initiative to be using 100% renewable energy for it’s factories by 2020.


4. Connect to Your Body

This is NOT a reco for joining crossfit! Go to the complete other end of the spectrum of physical movement completely and enjoy a very (very, very) slow yoga flow or short walk outside (make an old lady walking club with your friends!). The slow intentional movement will bring your attention to areas of your body that might need a little more love or attention. Jade Yoga makes some incredible eco friendly mat options.

Disclaimer: It’s not to say that we’re against crossfit, we’re just not suggesting it for this particular ‘Self Care’ theme. If you wanna do crossfit too, you do you. I’m not your boss, don’t let me tell you what to do!

5. Make Yourself a Meal

Turn on an old record, crank up the (self) romance, and get cooking! Connecting with your food by working with whole ingredients and slow processes (like roasting or braising) is such a beautiful way to nourish your body and find gratitude for the people and land that grew your food. Feeling the concept, but a little clueless in the kitchen? Our buds at Fresh City Farms now offer recipe kits, so you don’t need to be a superstar chef to get it right.

Written by Amanda Baker

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