PUBLIC Picks: March Favs

This month we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with a list of kick ass, female founded companies right here in Toronto.

In all honesty, this list wasn’t hard to put together. There are so many women leading the charge in their industries, communities and homes. In honour of the women in your life, we invite you to make your own list of inspiring women (moms, aunts, sisters…etc.) and spread the word.

1. Knixwear (

We’re kicking off our list with founder of Toronto brand Knixwear (and major boss crush), Joanna Griffiths. Knixwear is where tech meets titties (we’re aloud to say ‘titties’, right?)… and perfectly minimalist high waist leak proof underwear. Known for their eight-in-one bra and leek absorbing (yet sophisticated) underwear, Knixwear exploded the lingerie industry overnight when they launched their Kickstarter campaign in 2015, raising one million dollars (the largest amount raised for any fashion project). Since then, Joanna has continued to guide the company to monumental success with brand messaging that empowers all female body types and continues to make practical lingerie for real women. And thank God for that.

2. HackerYou

Heather Payne started Ladies Learning Code in 2011 to empower women through learning code (a heavily male dominated sector), which quickly grew to include programs geared towards children, teens and teachers (men are welcome too!). Ladies Learning Code continues to be a thriving non profit serving students in over 30 cities nationwide. After the success of Ladies Learning Code, Heather decided she wasn’t quit done being impressing us and founded HackerYou, which offers more in depth digital skills training. Heather continues to kick ass as HackYou’s CEO.

3. Kotn (

Mackenzie Yeates is one of the three founders of Kotn (aka The Only Place You’ll Ever Buy a T Shirt Again). Mackenzie and her team make high quality cotton clothing made from cotton directly sourced from Egyptian farmers. A certified B Corp, Kotn checks all our boxes for; an incredible product, strong female leadership and ethical sourcing. Pretty much… they’re the best.We’ve gushed over them before, and we’ll gush over them again.

4. BITE Cosmetics (

You can literally eat the lipsticks that Susanne Langmuir has developed for her (insanely popular) brand, BITE. A boss from literally day 1, Susanne went from dreams of opening up a salon, to selling essential oils, to fragrance and finally to the wonderful world of natural beauty via BITE. BITE uses only food grade, natural ingredients, which is insane considering the quality and durability of their products (believe me, these lips know). Susanne continues to grow the brand to international success (it’s available at Sephora). P.S If you don’t already know, you can get a custom blended lipstick at their store on Queen.

5. Easy Period

Periods are the best aren’t they? Jk, they’re super inconvenient and it’s taken the entire world up until this very moment to even begin a conversation about the fact that periods are not shameful, bad things. At the forefront of this conversation are brands like Easy Period. An organic tampon delivery service (with super smart branding) founded by Alyssa Bertram. Pounded out of frustration with chemical heavy traditional tampons, Alyssa set out to make things a little easier for women during their period. Alyssa doesn’t just move the needle on women’s empowerment through running her company, she also does a ton of public speaking, writing and even coaching on the topic.


Written by Amanda Javier

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