PUBLIC Picks: Minimalistic May

Spring cleaning is something that will never get old. Cleaning/organizing/getting rid of unnecessary clutter can always do amazing things for your life, like: reduce anxiety, boost creativity, save time, and support intentional decisions. Throughout May, the Publicans embraced the need to clean by cleaning up our community, decluttering our desktops (both digital and physical) and swapping/donating those “just in case” things we don’t really need. We’ve finished the month feeling light and airy! Hop on our Spring cleaning bandwagon by trying these three simple ways to live more intentionally and minimalistically.

1. Practice Digital Minimalism:

When we think about decluttering, we often think about the physical. But what about the digital? We’re not talking about a digital detox – that’s often not realistic. We’re talking about practicing digital minimalism – being intentional with your digital tools, ranging from what apps are on your phone, to what emails you subscribe to. Clearing away digital noise can help rid you of extra mental clutter that isn’t serving you. Start by making a list of apps that are of actual value to you and work from there to make sure your digital life is as intentional as your physical life.

2. Have Less and Share More 

Parting with your favourite “maybe I’ll wear/use that one day” items can feel like a rough breakup. But it’s time to face reality. Be honest with yourself and admit that something is no longer sparking joy in your life and know that it might just add a spark to someone else’s. Whether you donate, swap, recycle or repurpose your “someday” items, you’re giving a second life to something rather than letting it go to waste.


3. Borrow Don’t Buy: Sharing Depot | Toronto Tool Library

After cleaning out your closet and purging your apps, don’t start filling your shopping cart with new unnecessary items. Ask yourself if you really need something, and then find out if you can borrow it or find it second hand. This way, you’ll reduce your consumption as well as your impact on the environment. The Sharing Depot in Toronto is one of many tool libraries in the world where you have access to things you need only a few times a year like camping or sports equipment, building tools, party supplies or board games that you can borrow and return without adding any physical clutter to your space.

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