PUBLIC Picks: November Favs

Hello November! The wonderful month of wishing it would just be the holidays already… In the meantime, you can stock up on our latest list of do-good goodies.

1. Suro Organic Cough Syrup$18.79,

Kick those Fall colds right in their smug little faces with this organic natural remedy made with Canadian elderberries, extracts of elderflowers, propolis, echinacea and raw honey (!!!). The only downside is that it tastes so good, you’ll be tempted to pour your entire supply over a bowl of vanilla ice cream (who’s to say the ice cream doesn’t add to the healing effects? I’m not a doctor.)

2. The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement by Nick Saul & Andrea Curtis, $8.56,

This book will blow your mind and smash everything you thought you knew about the food security in Canada. Nick Saul tells the story of how The Stop transformed from a food bank into community hub that empowers and unites  through a full circle approach to the solving the multi layer issue that is urban food security and shares his personal stories of triumph and defeat along the way. The story is beautifully told and you will probably cry. I’m just saying, have a tissue box near by.

3. Everlane Cashmere Sweater, $100

If you’re into socially responsible clothing, then you probably already have a crush on Everlane. Everlane has been praised for their radically transparent business practices like showing the cost breakdown of all of their items (materials, labour, transport, duties, hardware…etc.) as well as showing consumers actual day to day stats and working conditions in all of their factories. They also put a high premium on quality items, so that you don’t have to replace items often. Oh, and also they dropped the price of their cashmere items because market price for cashmere dropped. It’s not a sale, it’s a legit price drop. Just because market value dropped and they didn’t think it was fair to hold on to the extra money. Woah. That’s a lot of great stuff. The cherry on top of the social good sundae? The gorgeous, perfectly classic line of cashmere sweaters. Perfect for a feel good (and look good) snuggles on a crisp day.

4. Woodlot Candles, $26.00

The formula for a cozy November essentially goes like this:

Soft Blanket + Warm Tea + Beautiful Smelling Candles = Cozy Paradise

Now, I’m no Will Hunting, but that to me, looks like a preeeetty accurate equation. And for that equation you will need candles. Woodlot makes great ones that are Petroleum free, gmo free, phthalate free, plus they come in recyclable glass jars and burn for 40 hours to boot! Now you can feel warm & fuzzy on the inside and the outside.


5. EcoFair at Wychwood Barns, Free, November.5th, 11-4pm

Wychwood Barns is hosting its 9th annual family-friendly EcoFair which inspires greener choices in homes & communities through a series of workshops and events including the screening of the award-winning 2017 documentary “TOMORROW (DEMAIN)”. Check it out for some free family fun.

Written by Amanda Baker

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