PUBLIC Picks: Fun Fall Favs!

The crisp Autumn air is swirling with the smell of fallen leaves and the excitement of the Halloween festivities to come. To ring in the season of spook we’ve pulled together some of our favourite things to do in this month of pumpkins and spice!

1. Snuggling up with a good book,

Get those wool socks on and snuggle up with a good read! With over 100 libraries in the Toronto area, you’re never far from your next adventure (and if you’re lucky you’ll run into The Weeknd filming another video at the Toronto Reference Library). The even better part? You’re supporting a community that provides literacy programs to kids & adults alike! Go ahead, grab that Harry Potter collection, we won’t judge.

2. Handing out allergy safe halloween treats!

These non-GMO gum filled lollipops come in three lip smacking flavours (strawberry, apple & orange), and are produced in a solar powered building! You can feel good giving out these sweets free from the eight major food allergens (milk, egg, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, or soybeans)

3. Drinking local cider,

Oh, you haven’t heard? Cider is slowly taking over the world. Seriously, it’s like the kombucha of alcohol. And if you’re going to have an apple based overlord, it might as well be Brickworks crisp local cider. Their brews come from all Ontario apples that come no more than 300km (!!!) from the cider house, and they support several green initiatives to boot, plus, it’s mighty delicious. All hail the cider gods!

4. Watching the leaves turn,

Nothing feels quite as magical as watching the green leaves turn to gold and copper as the cooler months approach. Make sure you get a prime view of the change and make a trip up to Evergreen Brickworks. Whether you’re watching from one of the gorgeous trails or from the comfort of Cafe Belong, this is one Fall event you can’t miss. Evergreen also offers incredible outdoor education workshops. Check their site for upcoming dates.

5. Cozy breakfast snacks,

Somewhere between a bagel and a pita, live mythical breakfast food creatures called “Morning Rounds”. Toastable, peanut butter-able and everything you need for a warm cinnamony start to your crisp Fall mornings. Non GMO verified and voted one of 100 cleanest packaged foods, you’ll be feeling the warm fuzzies inside and out. Enjoy it next to a big mug of hot chai for the ultimate cozy Autumn experience.

Written by Amanda Baker

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