PUBLIC Picks: Workplace Wellness

Not running a marathon anytime soon? That’s okay, neither are we. But there are so many other ways to make the most of the (eventual) warmer weather and get active. This month at PUBLIC, we’re doing our best to form new fitness habits and make our office a healthier place to be. Join us by trying these simple ways to get fit at work!

Stand up!

It’s a well known fact that we sit too much. You’re sitting during your commute, breakfast, lunch, dinner, meetings, and more. Find time within your day to stand. While having a standing dinner might be awkward, standing at work shouldn’t be. By breaking up sitting time with standing, you’ll feel more focused and productive, not to mention reaping actual physical benefits like burning extra calories, improving blood circulation, less back pain and less risk of disease. All by simply standing throughout your work day! We’ve even made an app that can help you log your standing time against co-workers for some friendly office competition: iOS download or Google Play download.

Make Your Commute More Active

The time you spend getting to and from work can easily eat up your day. Turn that wasted time into active time without losing any of your precious hours! Biking to work is the obvious solution, but if you’re not up for the life threatening thrill of biking in the city, there are alternatives. Things as small as getting off transit a few stops early and walking can turn into a great healthy habit. Some Publican’s even bring their runners to work and jog home! There’s nothing like getting home on an endorphin high ready to take on whatever your night has to throw at you.


Stay Motivated

Seek out those go-getter, gym-obsessed, bike-to-work, kale-eaters. As much as you may not want to hear about their workout first thing in the morning, you could probably learn a thing or two from them. Surrounding yourself by active people is the easiest way to get sucked into participating in physical activity without even realizing it. Before you know it you’ll be off to a spin class after work and going for walking meetings. Another great way to stay motivated is to follow wellness organizations and inspirational accounts online, so while you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed in the morning, you can casually come across a tweet from @ParticipACTION and suddenly you feel like going for a jog, just like that!

Be social and have fun!

Corny, we know, but being active can actually be fun. Start a run club and get out once a week after work for an easy jog around the office. Create volleyball, baseball, or soccer teams within your office and start a tournament. Start a walking club for a quick 10 minute walk around the block every afternoon (we’re a big fan of this one, plus it’s the perfect time for office gossip…). If none of that sounds fun, set a time in your calendar to simply go outside alone and enjoy the outdoors. Make time for the types of activity that make you happy, and guess what, you might start to enjoy physical activity!



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