PUBLIC Purpose: Father’s Day

Aside from the constant dad jokes, the Publican father’s have many words of wisdom. In honour of Father’s Day, we asked the office dads what their purpose as a father is. Take out your tissues, we’re about to get sappy.

My purpose as a dad is…

“…to be good example, influencer, friend, teacher, accomplice, superfan, cheerleader, and chief hug officer. Fatherhood IS inherently purpose.” – Jon

“…to make sure my two boys are happy, good men, who are stable and successful as they define it.” – Dan

“…to raise great boys who will become great men that value, respect and treat all people well no matter their gender, ethnicity, religion, and politics.” – Phil

“…to love and support my boys unconditionally, teach them to be kind to everyone, and help them find their own purpose in life.” – Jason

“…to make sure they have everything they need to keep them going in the right direction.” – Rob



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