Public’s Plastic-Free Pointers!
(We hate to burst your balloon, but…)

Plastic-Free July kicked off earlier this month and in true Publican nature, our team set off to take the #plasticfreechallenge. With the best of intentions, we came to our first realisation almost immediately: going plastic-free is no easy feat in today’s world, especially in an office.

But we were determined. We sourced ideas from coworkers, blogs, and even a few strangers. And we found that there are some easy ways that you can move yourself into a plastic-free world without too much trouble. Once you’re on the plastic-free train, things start getting easier and easier, so here are a few of our easiest tips and tricks for you to start shedding the plastic shroud this month, and in the months to come!

1. Bring Your Own Utensils

This might sound like a big ask, but it’s actually quite simple. We packed up a BYOU kit for each and every one of the Publicans so that they would be at the ready when they need to be. Wood cutlery, metal straws, and a cleaning brush, all kept together in a cloth bag. It’s easy, it’s handy, and it helps you avoid those plastic forks at lunch and beyond!

2. Bars Over Bottles
Shampoo bottles are a thing of the past. Ditch those plastic shampoo bottles and look for shampoo bars instead. They’ll keep your hair clean while avoiding waste when the bar is gone!

3. Buy In Bulk
Spices, candies, baking supplies – all of these things can be purchased without the plastic packaging at stores that sell in bulk. Retailers like Bulk Barn, Noah’s, or Karma Co-op will let you pack up your goodies in your own reusable jars or containers!

4. Don’t Be A Loofah
We get it. Lathering up with a loofah can feel luxurious and makes you feel squeaky clean, but the same thing can be accomplished with a sea sponge, without endangering the planet. Plus, sponges are just more fun to squeeze. Give it a try.

5. Polyester Bags > Plastic Bags
Sure, you might think that one plastic bag you grabbed at the store isn’t that big of a deal, but when you multiply that by the billions of people who use them, the amount of plastic that just gets tossed away is staggering. Keep polyester/recycled polyester bags on hand for your grocery and shopping needs, and ditch the pesky single use plastic.

Beyond the above, we also found tons of other alternatives for other day to day items that are not generally top of mind. By incorporating even just one of the below, you’ll start to have an impact on the world around us — and getting your entire office involved, like we did, makes it even better!

Plastic-free living isn’t as hard as you might think. Once you get started, you’ll come up with tons of other ways to change your life, and the world. Give it a try — and share your newfound world-changing ideas with us!

— Paul Rivait is a Senior Manager, Social Media & Analytics at Public Inc.

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