Meet a Socially Conscious Bunny this Easter

We’ve never met her in person, but we’ve heard the Easter Bunny is great.

She leaves candies and chocolate eggs and little treasures hidden all over the house for kids to find, and goes hopping all over bringing news of Spring.

While all of that sounds wonderful (unless you’re a dentist or a diabetic), there’s another bunny that deserves some credit this Easter.

It’s name is Carl the Cruelty Free Bunny and instead of bringing delicious treats, he brings something different to the table: social justice for animals.

Think of Carl like the Easter Bunny’s cooler, younger, more socially aware cousin. He probably drinks fair trade lattes with oat milk and watches a lot of documentaries. He’s not like a regular rabbit… he’s a cool rabbit.

You might have seen Carl hanging out on The Body Shop’s products holding a little sign of protest against animal testing. You can learn more about the fight against animal testing from our friends at Cruelty Free International.

He looks a little like this:

While the results of animal testing are devastating, there is some good news:

1. Carl is here to help you identify cruelty free products and make more informed purchases and help bring an end to animal testing. If you want to help, sign the petition!

2. Carl hid Body Shop treats all around the Public office for the Publicans to hunt for (it’s the only kind of hunting he approves of!).

And with all that, we can confidently say that the Easter Bunny’s got nothing on Carl.

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