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3 Lessons in Innovation Every Organization can Learn From (RED)

When Red was founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver back in 2006, it was born out of necessity. The Global Fund—an organization dedicated to fighting diseases like AIDS, TB, and malaria in the developing world—had launched in 2002, with a commitment to garner private sector engagement and raise funds from governments in an effort to accelerate the end of AIDS. But the private sector was not biting, contributing only $5 million in the Global Fund’s first four years. This low level of funding was threatening to jeopardize ongoing commitment levels from the public sector.

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The Say/Do Gap of Conscious Consumerism

As norms change and the desire to fit in and look good increases, the “say/do” gap tends to be larger than one admits.

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How To Take Giving Tuesday To The Next Level

What once was an antidote to consumerism has become an overly simple way to offset holiday excess. It's time for a refresh.

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How #KissAndMakeup Misses The Mark On Solving Cyber Bullying

A makeup company's hashtag campaign has good intentions, but fails to create real change.

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Why Embracing Profitable Good—Not CSR—Will Help You Stay Ahead

Three reasons to adopt a new approach to balancing your business interests and social impact.

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Do it like Sir Richard. The gutsy, entrepreneurial approach to profit and purpose.

If there’s one thing you take away from this article it’s this: Have the courage to be bold and have fun when making money and doing good.

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The Myths of Conscious Consumerism

It would seem we can’t go a week these days without seeing a new brand campaign using social purpose to help sell a product.

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Doing Good Should Be Profitable, Not Just Charity

"How can you profit by doing good? What's in it for you? How can we get businesses to make money, but also create social impact?"

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Buy-One-Give-One Is A Gateway To Making The World Better (And Feels Pretty Good, Too)

Every little bit of change helps, and teaching businesses that there is money to be made in doing good is a valuable step in making the world better.

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Starbucks’s Race Together: Why The Naysayers Have It All Wrong

Rather than scowl at CEO Howard Schultz's bold attempt to further the race dialogue, we should admire his tenacity and modern corporate leadership.

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