Color Matters.

Guckenheimer Logo


Guckenheimer is a food-service provider that caters to tier one corporate cafeterias across the United States (think Google and SanDisk). A major player in workplace food-service, Guckenheimer is also a major player in workplace health. In 2015, they approached us to reimagine their Color Matters program to increase use by corporate clients and their employees.


After a site visit and brand audit, our team began a ground-up rebuild of the Color Matters brand. From a new logo to a robust suite of collateral pieces to sales kits, we made Color Matters more approachable and appealing to both corporate decision makers and the employees that would be using the distinctive red, green and yellow system day to day.

Panda signage


The redesigned Color Matters program is currently being implemented across the United States, as Guckenheimer continues to change the way corporate America eats.

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