Erase The Hate.

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Develop and execute the strategy for Erase The Hate, an NBCU Cable Entertainment led initiative to counter the rise of hate in America. The opportunity was to build a movement online of individuals committed to learning, organizing and showing up against hate in their communities.


To counter hate in America, and build a resilient and positive movement, PUBLIC worked with NBCU CE to develop the social media strategy and channels for Erase The Hate.

In developing the Erase The Hate digital brand, our first goal was to build trust and recognition online with a large audience across social media platforms. Once we built that audience, we wanted to engage them with tools and share resources on our channels that helped shift their understanding and influence their actions. Finally, we amplified the work being done by other anti-hate organizations by sharing their messages and connecting them to our new audience. 

We continue to develop strong creative content that is shared on social media and online across Erase The Hate’s channels, and the channels of partner organizations and networks.


In its first 6 months, Erase The Hate has built an audience of over 200,000 on social media. Videos shared by Erase The Hate have been seen over 10 million times, and we’ve collected over 40,000 emails.

Erase The Hate continues to build partnerships with other organizations in order to create a collectively powerful voice to counter hate in America.

20 million online advertising impressions