Forever Against Animal Testing

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We were presented this spring with the exciting opportunity to develop a Canadian strategy for The Body Shop’s Forever Against Animal Testing (F.A.A.T.) 2017 campaign. The campaign’s goal is to educate Canadians about the cruelty associated with cosmetic testing on animals, asking them to help petition the Canadian government to support Bill S-214 (The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act). Our Canadian efforts will in turn layer into a global effort to rally the United Nations to request an international convention banning cosmetics testing on animals.


Knowing that Canadians love animals and we could never imagine harming our furry friends, we decided to tap into that unconditional desire to protect all animals. We created a “Sign the PETition” movement asking people to add their names to a Canadian petition on behalf of their pets.

We encouraged people to sign the petition in-store and online. Facebook ads were used to advertise the petition to pet-lovers and animal activists, with each message written from the perspective of pets speaking up. After signing the petition, owners were given the opportunity to upload a picture of their pet and post the picture on Facebook along with a custom message. Throughout the summer, we helped organize dog festivals in Toronto and Vancouver to drive signatures and campaign awareness.


The campaign launched in Canada in July 2017 with an objective to obtain 640,000 signatures by July 2018. We are well on our way! These signatures represent Canada’s contribution towards a worldwide goal of 8 million signatures, which would be the largest petition ever brought to the U.N. So far, Canada is leading the movement with the largest number of signatures collected.