Aphasia Institute

The Challenge
People living with aphasia can’t easily explain what it’s like to have their condition – and often they are either misunderstood or worse, misjudged as incompetent. We needed a campaign that helped to share their experience in an honest way that could break through with Healthcare Professionals, who either don’t understand what it’s like to have aphasia or what these people need.


The Approach
We interviewed people with aphasia, getting them to share their real stories, and subtitled their responses to help translate the feeling of living with aphasia. The resulting emotive videos and overall campaign relayed and demonstrated a powerful point: people with aphasia know more than they can say.


The Impact
With a micro-targeted audience of healthcare professionals in Ontario, we’ve engaged over 10K provincial health workers to help them access the tools they’ll need to better care for those living with Aphasia.


The Partners
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    Aphasia Institute


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