The Challenge 
Campbell was founded as a purpose-driven company and, for over 150 years, the essence of their purpose has not changed: to make food that is delicious, affordable, and prepared with care—food that people love. In early 2020, Public was approached by Carol Cone on Purpose to help bring to life their newly defined purpose, “connecting people through food they love”. This new visual identity needed to uniquely express the company’s purpose to inspire employees as they returned to the office and signal their strategic focus for the years ahead.


The Approach
Public partnered with Campbell’s and Carol Cone on Purpose to create a visual identity for their new corporate purpose, “Connecting people through food they love”,  and built a narrative for Campbell’s core values and evolved ESG commitments. Working collaboratively with key leaders across various divisions we developed a unique design including a new logo and a variety of supporting assets such as brand guidelines, in-office signage, digital assets, and presentation templates. 


The Impact
The new purpose, values and ESG commitments launched at a leadership town hall in July at the reopening of the corporate headquarters. The work was uniquely Campbell from the purpose statement, to the visual identity, to the cohesive story about their evolution and their strategy for growth going forward.  


The Partners
Carol Cone Purpose Collective

  • Strategy


  • Client



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