The Challenge
With pension fund peers already playing in the thought leadership space, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTPP) needed to establish themselves as thought leaders in order to: build brand recognition, support their newly established brand of “Investing To Make A Mark”, – which we helped them launch in 2021 – and establish their expertise and knowledge to help increase deal flow across markets and industries.


The Approach
In partnership with the OTPP marketing team, we built a new brand strategy to differentiate Teachers’ and attract the right talent and partners in key priority markets

In order to efficiently and effectively build content that positioned OTPP as a trusted Global Leader who is shaping the future of the industry by continuing to listen and demonstrate their expertise., we leveraged thought leadership pieces written by Carolyn King, Head of Thought Leadership at OTPP. The stories focused on specific topics and highlighted the forward-thinking nature of the business. King’s pieces allowed us to credibly counteract the stereotype of pension plans as ‘old school’ and sleepy. The essays each addressed two core themes to align with OTPP’s business strategy growth areas and drive deal flow. The themes were:

  1. Business strategy: a sector where we want more deals ie. infrastructure
    Topic identified : Investments in Electrifying The Grid.
  2. Global business with local knowledge
    Topic identified: Investments in India Toll Roads.

From these topics, we developed a series of animated Thought Leadership videos titled “Educated Perspective” that provided a high-level overview of the investment story, with 90s to 2m long-form videos, and shortened 15s and 30s cut-down versions, for use across social and programmatic media. These formats allowed us to be agile and flexible, producing high-quality videos in a short timeline.

Together we created a new brand promise, which merged their mission & purpose and resulted in a new tagline – Investing to Make a Mark. We developed new brand guidelines, a logo to refresh the brand and a set of case studies showcasing the investments at Teachers’. Along with this, we created a launch campaign that aimed to debunk the stereotypes of the investment world. The campaign was rooted in what OTPP does, using original and authentic imagery to capture the way OTPP sees the world and the businesses they back. Ultimately creating a more contemporary framing of the subject matter and the brand. 


The Impact
The first video in our thought leadership series, ‘Power Shift, was OTPP’s strongest-performing video in 2022, with over 18-million impressions, and over 17-million engagements and video views combined. The second video is pending release in 2023.


The Partners
Irresistible studios, Production
Animator: Peter Kienetz

  • Strategy

    Campaign, Platform

  • Client



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