The Challenge 

The hospital market in general, but in particular in Canada is a ‘sea of sameness’. A lot of the hospital brands look, talk and feel very similar. So when Sunnybrook approached Public to refresh their brand strategy, we started off by asking ourselves, ‘what makes Sunnybrook different?’


The Approach

Public spent the first few months entrenching themselves in the brand, speaking to staff, corporate donors, individual donors, leadership teams and even spent a day touring the hospital. Through this, consistent themes emerged which led to the development of a unique value proposition: “in your toughest moments, Sunnybrook is the place to be”. In addition, we conducted a brand archetype workshop to reinvigorate the brand personality and how we show up in the world. These outputs then served as the anchor point for the full brand house and brand playbook. Throughout this process, the collaboration between Sunnybrook and Public was second to none. We worked hand in hand, socializing the work with various stakeholders along the way including leadership teams, advisory committees, hospital and foundation boards.

Once the brand was in place, Public quickly got to work developing the brand campaign and created ‘This Place is Special’. The idea brought to life the unique value proposition while providing the ability to tell the many different stories found at Sunnybrook, offering breadth, depth and longevity. The campaign was shot in the hospital –with real Sunnybrookers– which was integral to the idea, as its the places and the people that make the hospital special.


The Impact

The campaign launched in October 2023 across connected TV, online video, social media, OOH, and display, as well as in-hospital executions. With added help from coverage in publications like The Message and Ads of the World, our campaign quickly surpassed over 100M impressions across the city, driving over 100K website visitors and counting, all to help boost awareness of the special place that Torontonians have in their own backyard.


The Partners
Spark Foundry (brand media planning and buying)
Data Sciences (performance media planning and buying)
Production: RSA/Suneeva,
Music: Massive Music BV
Recording House: Pirate Sound
Editing: Anchous Editing

  • Strategy


  • Client

    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


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