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The Challenge
The journey to finding a cure for cancer might seem never-ending, but conquering cancer is possible by investing in breakthrough cancer research accelerating treatments and cures at The Terry Fox Foundation. They’re continuing the legacy of the iconic Terry Fox who united millions of Canadians to support cancer research by bringing together the best researchers across the country, enabling them to continue making progress in finding cures to cancer. As many donors are inundated with asks during the holiday, a breakthrough message is important to ensure donors fully understand the importance of supporting cancer research. Because, like Terry, we can make the impossible possible.


The Approach
To create a breakthrough holiday campaign, The Terry Fox Foundation partnered with Public to develop a unique narrative #TheNextMile that spoke to the importance of investing in cancer research. Evoking powerful emotions for Canadians through heartfelt stories tied to Terry’s legacy, patient stories & research advancements a multichannel campaign was created including direct mail, email, paid social, radio, print ads, and SMS marketing.


Collective Impact
Our holiday campaign raised over $1M dollars for the Terry Fox Foundation to help fund cancer research across Canada. 

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