The Challenge

Following the success of our 2019 campaign Warm Welcome, we were tasked to create a 2020 in-store and online holiday fundraising campaign for UNIQLO USA, adaptable for global markets.


The Approach

Recognizing the extraordinary difficulty facing everyone amid 2020’s circumstances, we helped UNIQLO USA and the International Rescue Committee renew their customers’ focus— and any support they can give— to one community increasingly vulnerable during the pandemic: refugee families.

This Means More, the new campaign for the Warm Welcome platform reminds customers that UNIQLO will match their contributions to help refugees, acknowledging that, with financial constraints to give less this year, your generosity means a lot more.

To launch the campaign on UNIQLO’s social channels, we created a hero animation illustrating how each UNIQLO customer’s contributions can make a difference for refugees rebuilding their lives, at a time that’s traumatic, even for the luckiest among us. The video’s protagonist is a small bird weathering a big storm, later leveraged across all channels as a symbol of hope for refugees arriving safely in America.


The Impact

Campaign launched into market December 2020.


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