What we do.

As one of the only full-service marketing and communications agencies in North America exclusively focused on helping brands to profit with purpose, our expertise runs the gamut from research and strategy through execution and evaluation.

In this context, we act as anthropologists, storytellers, tinkerers, artists, researchers, tacticians, financial analysts, influencers, and much more.

But what excites and engages us most is our ability to help organizations develop and realize a more thoughtful, strategic and integrated approach to scalable social and community impact that drives their business, and ultimately profits everyone – consumers, employees, shareholders, supporters, fans, communities, society, and most importantly, our clients themselves.

How we work.

We don’t believe there is a single structured process nor a secret formula that is guaranteed to produce results.

But we do have a proven blueprint for helping brands profit with purpose.


Define realistic goals and aspirations in terms of the desired impact on and benefits to the business, to customers, and from a community/social perspective.
Undertake targeted primary and secondary research to qualify and validate the opportunity, particularly with regard to data on and key assumptions about target audience(s), the marketplace, partnership opportunities, and potential competitive reaction.
Translate these insights into a coherent and compelling business, brand, marketing and/or campaign strategy.
Develop realistic near and longer-term expectations and metrics for success based on internal and external realities (e.g., resources, budget, timing, market potential, customer readiness, etc.) and build a high-level roadmap to guide development and execution efforts.
Undertake a structured creative process to bring the strategy to life in a way that will captivate and engage target audiences, and drive them to action.
Execute a staged and coordinated market launch across all relevant channels.
Amplify reach through targeted engagement of media, celebrity, channel partners, peer and social networks and other relevant influencers of consumer decision-making and behaviours.
Evaluate success relative to previously defined metrics, and identify areas for retooling and improvement.

What we’re like.

We’ve been at this long enough to know that fit is everything, and the key to great relationships, and even better outcomes.

As a result, we aspire to live our values in the way we engage with people every day. We are, by nature and by design:


We are innately curious about what makes people tick, and how we can mobilize them to make better choices in their day-to-day actions and behaviours where everyone wins.


We won’t always agree, nor will every conversation always be easy. But we believe in open and honest conversations, in tackling tough issues in the moment, and in treating each other with mutual respect.


We believe it’s vital that you’re engaged at every step in the process. Even great ideas are felled by lackluster execution, and true success relies on everyone being aligned and excited about the path forward.


We're realistic enough to know that there is no perfect answer. But if you make smart choices and informed bets, you’ll win more than you'll lose. And when you fail, fail fast, learn, and do better the next time.


We enthusiastically embrace the challenge of making clever and creative use of limited resources.


If we aren’t enjoying the process, and each other’s company, even great results are always less satisfying. Life is short. Let’s have some fun.