High-impact talent

Adeolu Adeniyi

Project Manager & Producer

Adeolu has always had a passion for addressing societal problems by telling stories about them: social injustice, the climate, and discrimination lead the list. Film and creative content are the main instruments he’s used in his approach to make a difference in the world. For Ade, its movies inspired by true events over fiction. He also occasionally volunteers his photography skills for charity events, and is a huge fan of soccer… except it’s too late to go professional.
Image of Adrienne Rand
Adrienne Rand

VP Strategy

As a VP of Strategy, Adrienne feels lucky to have made a career out of people “watching”. An anthropologist by training, years ago she became curious about how you could leverage cultural insights to accelerate positive behaviour change. Today she develops strategies based on these insights to benefit both consumers, clients and the issues we work on. A mom of four kids, her greatest societal contribution is doing her part to combat global underpopulation.
Ben Egnal

Art Director

Ben is an art director with a background in design. He knows it really doesn’t matter how pretty something looks if there’s isn’t a killer idea behind it. He believes we can make our own luck – largely by having an entrepreneurial spirit. Ben co-founded a dog clothing line called ‘Higgins Would Be Proud’. HWBP is proud to donate 10% from each purchase to ElderDog. When he’s not knee-deep in ads, you can find him performing standup comedy or playing pickup basketball on the mean streets of Toronto.
Beth Thomson

Director, Client Strategy

As a Client Strategy Director, Beth works closely with her clients, building trusted partnerships and working together to produce smart, insight led work. She counts herself very lucky that she is able to marry her personal passions and values with her day to day work. Beth spent the first 6 years of her career on the media agency side and looks to bring a unique lens to the social impact space here at Public. Beth is originally from the UK and moved to Toronto 2 weeks before the first lockdown (great timing). She is a big foodie, loves both eating out and exploring new restaurants as well as whipping up a meal at home. Family and friends are a big part of her life, she recently became an aunt for the first time and is totally and utterly obsessed with her.
Image of Caleigh Farrell
Caleigh Farrell

Sr Director, Client Strategy

As Senior Director of Client Strategy, Caleigh marries strategic prowess with a background in Anthropology. Her innate curiosity and use of the anthropological toolkit results in the consistent delivery of insight-driven strategies that have been helping our clients embed purpose in their business since she joined the company in 2013. As a mum to a toddler, Caleigh is perpetually under-slept / over-caffeinated and looking for ways to live her values through the great parenting adventure. In her limited spare time, she can be found running, thrifting, re-reading Harry Potter, or dreaming up her next tattoo.
Image of David Oliver
David Oliver

Senior Director of Operations

As Director of Project Operations & Resourcing at Public, David infuses process and purpose into the way the Public teams work smarter, together. David grew up in Montreal but has been living in Toronto for over the past 10 years with his cuddly pooches, Leo & Levi. David recently spent a week volunteering with a small social enterprise supporting a research paper on youth civic engagement in Canada, as well as refining their digital marketing strategy.
Image of Georgia Cottrelle
Georgia Cottrelle

Sr Manager, Client Strategy

A dynamic collaborator and communicator, Georgia Cottrelle is a Client Strategy Manager who leads her projects at Public with a passionate commitment to social impact with an approach steeped in research. Georgia is also never far from a well-steeped cup of tea, even when volunteering to bring fun and meaningful experiences to young campers undergoing cancer treatment and Camp Ooch.
Image of Gina Bucci
Gina Bucci

Video Producer

Gina has a knack for bold, comedic stories and dramatic characters, working as an independent writer, director, producer and editor before joining Public in 2020. She was a resident in the Director’s Lab at the Canadian Film Centre and holds a diploma in Interactive Media Design. Gina has worked on TV shows, features, short films, commercials, lifestyle and news programs.
Image of Guy Barnett
Guy Barnett

Chief Creative Officer

Guy has spent the last 20 years finding ways to execute every idea that popped into his head. Sometimes the idea was a big, branding campaign. Sometimes it was a children’s book or a line of furniture. Now he’s devoting his time to making amends for a long and successful career in advertising.
Hawa Diaw

Project Manager

Hawa is a Project Manager with a background in Corporate and Digital Communication. She has worked in various industries including pharmaceutical, not-for-profit, and Communication agencies. She is passionate about living an ethical and purposeful life to help build a better world for the next generation, and deliver her best work when working with brands committed to contributing to that.
Image of Indra Persad
Indra Persad

VP Finance

Merged with her passion for doing good are Indra’s 20+ years as an accounting executive, directing timely financial reports, forecasting, as well as optimizing financial strategies to boost profitability, mitigate risks and enhance business performance. When she’s not perfecting her flow at the yoga studio, Indra’s mantra (at work and at home) is: “How can I make this more productive?” Indra is devoted to volunteering, and helps single mothers and retirees file their taxes; she also makes donations from her professional wardrobe to help women and refugees re-enter the workforce in style.
Image of Jason Levine
Jason Levine

Creative Director

Jason co-leads the creative department at Public, helping the team write and craft advertising campaigns, content and platforms. Jason hails from the advertising world where he’s won awards and led both teams and clients across a variety of categories. A family man, Jason was drawn to the social impact space to apply his creative powers for good. He’s also dedicated to helping others with addiction recovery.
Image of Jon Lane
Jon Lane

Creative Director, Head of Art

Jon co-leads the creative department and creates advertising campaigns and content for Public’s growing roster of clients. He’s proud to have worked at several of Canada’s top creative agencies on some of North America’s most iconic brands. Jon is a cycling, vegetarian, solar-roof owning volunteer for the Children’s Aid Society of Canada. He fostered children as young as eight weeks old to eighteen years old over the span of five years.
Joyce Kim

Client Strategy Director

Joyce is a marketer with over a decade of experience developing strategies for organizations on a mission to build a better world — be it through design, affordable loans, or ice cream. Joyce has worked across both the corporate and nonprofit sectors and is a proud alumna of IDEO.org, Kiva.org, and Ben&Jerry’s. Outside of work, Joyce is a believer in slow travel and always chooses tea over coffee.
Image of Julian Battersby-Morris
Julian Battersby-Morris


Julian Battersby is a Copywriter at Public. The “Why” has always been his favourite of the 5 W’s. So marketing for businesses with a purpose felt like a great fit for this multidisciplinary creative-type. When he’s not busy crafting copy and bashing around big impact ideas for brands and non-profits, Julian is usually writing songs to annoy his neighbours. He strives to minimize his footprint by thrifting, buying only things he really needs and rescuing free stuff from his neighbours’ curbsides to his heart’s content.
Kaitlin Churchill

Project Manager/Producer

Kaitlin is passionate about storytelling in all forms of media. Driven by curiosity and imagination, she is constantly looking for new ways to bring creative ideas to life. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to create content and manage logistics for a variety of multimedia projects for major brands, including commercials, experiential installations, and a feature length documentary. With a background in film production, design, and visual art, she brings resourcefulness and versatility to her role as a project manager. Her goal is to use her creativity to make a positive impact on the world wherever possible.
Kat To

Head of Production

Young activist Kat went to poli-sci & law school only to realize her true calling was documentary and filmmaking. With that discovery, she turned her lifelong love of film into a journey that’s aligned with her values. She now continues to find different voices to tell and produce stories through moving pictures.
Image of Kate Dier
Kate Dier

Manager, Client Strategy

Kate has an innate curiosity about the world and is focused on creating lasting, positive impact. She is passionate about people, has travelled to over 30 countries (and counting), and loves learning about people’s unique experiences and the fundamental similarities between us all. As a Client Strategy Manager at Public, Kate uncovers insights and develops purpose-led strategies to help clients and consumers make their mark on the world.
Katie Elder

Sr Director, Client Strategy

She’s travelled the world but many times it involved taking a translator and doing ethnographic research in people’s homes in her previous life of CPG brand management. Her equal love of beaches and mountains can be attributed to her West Coast roots.
Image of Keltie Doolittle
Keltie Doolittle

VP Client & Operations

As VP of Client & Operations, Keltie builds trusted relationships with our clients while leading the oversight of Client Strategy and Operations teams. The balance between Keltie’s diverse background and her passion for social issues allows her to seamlessly move across a wide range of clients. Keltie is an innovative and solutions-oriented thinker who loves to troubleshoot both client and team needs. Making small changes at home – using reusable grocery and produce bags, eating a plant-based diet, walking whenever possible – are not only important for her own impact but essential in demonstrating to her children that there are simple daily actions we can all take.
Image of Laura Penalosa
Laura Peñalosa

Sr Manager, Business Strategy

As Senior Manager of Business Strategy, Laura is constantly thinking about (and working on) ways to create a greater impact in the world and help accelerate the purpose economy. Putting together strategic and creative proposals, developing relationships with incredible companies out in the world and heading up The Lab really gets her excited. From volunteering at orphanages in Colombia to doing her part in reducing her carbon footprint by thrifting and walking, Laura is a forever-optimist trying to make the world a better place.
Laura Vardy

Art Director

Laura grew up in Hamilton and studied advertising and graphic design at Humber College. To date, the most meaningful project of her advertising career was creating work with Cassie and Friends to raise awareness and funding for juvenile diabetes. In her personal life, Laura is passionate about supporting women's reproductive rights. Now living in downtown Toronto, she loves trying new restaurants, crocheting, and binge-watching whatever's new on Netflix.
Image of Marc Lavine
Marc Levine


An explorer and serial entrepreneur, Marc is constantly in search of exciting opportunities, new collaborators, and transformative ideas. Ideas that can have a real impact and truly do some good. In addition to creating businesses, Marc extended his creative spirit to the non-profit sector with the launch of the Exclamation Foundation to stimulate creativity in theatre with The Grand Prix du Theatre, as well as to support initiatives that respect our planet. Marc is also a graduate of l’Ecole Ritz Escoffier; when not cooking Marc can be found meditating on the sea in his kayak.
Image of Michael Porfirio
Michael Porfirio


The more you learn about something the more interesting it becomes. It’s a simple lesson, but it’s one that helps Michael get the most from life. Fortunately for him, a career in creative advertising comes with endless subjects to explore. As projects come and go, Michael finds himself revisiting the ones that changed the world for the better. Joining the Public team marks a new chapter in his creative journey, where every idea spawns from a passion to make a difference. But when it’s time to focus on himself, Michael returns to curating playlists, tending to houseplants, and hitting the tennis courts with his best friends.
Mila Schneider

Coordinator, Client Strategy

Mila is a client strategy coordinator at Public. Having spent a lot of her childhood in South Africa, Mila grew up surrounded by the importance of understanding different cultures. She has always done her best to put others first, whether it’s volunteering in her community, working on pro-bono projects, or fundraising for worthy causes. With a background in advertising, she understands – and is drawn to – storytelling. When she’s not working, you can find Mila outdoors in nature, in the kitchen, listening to music, or playing with her pups.
Image of Paul Rivait
Paul Rivait

Director, Creative Impact

Did something major go down on Twitter today? Is anyone actually using Snapchat? And who exactly are Millennials? If it has to do with social media and marketing, Paul’s involved. From channel planning to in-depth analysis, he’s your guy. Paul is passionate about equality and social justice, is an active supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, and is a staunch defender of the Oxford comma. Because even the smallest of causes deserve a champion.
Image of Phillip Haid
Phil Haid

Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO, Phil drives and oversees the growth of the business, ensuring our clients, team and partners profit with purpose. A passionate advocate for businesses to create social and environmental impact that benefits the bottom line, Phil can’t help but get involved in strategies and campaigns that prove our thesis. Phil’s favourite weekend activities include coaching his son’s basketball team, watching the Raptors with his boys and wife, jogging, dinner with friends and as many Netflix movies as possible.
Rachel Klysen

Coordinator, Client Strategy

Rachel likes to take complicated things and make them simple. When she isn’t knee-deep in research, Rachel can be found knee-deep in snow. Time in nature is a must, and for her, best spent when she’s making outdoor adventures accessible for people with unique needs. She also plants trees: 250,000, to be exact. Which, she’d like to point out, will be toilet paper in 80 years.
Image of Julie Laude
Rei Laude


Rei Laude brings an athletic approach to her work as a Designer at Public, but takes life at a leisurely pace. Her motto: quality over quantity. Julie’s love of DIY, thrifted and sustainable fashion is central to her ambitions as a designer, but to date, no sustainable sneaker on the market has yet to shake this sneakerhead’s loyalty to her classic Nikes.
Image of Robyn Lobay
Robyn Lobay

Director, Client Strategy

Robyn is a Senior Client Strategy Manager who makes it her job to solve problems creatively, keep projects impactful, strategic, and have fun. In a past life she worked as a sexual assault counsellor, peer educator, and worked in mental health curriculum development. Outside work, this true-crime podcast lover’s flair for justice and investigation doesn’t rest. And she makes her impact felt by rallying for diverse social justice concerns, like women’s and indigenous rights and volunteers for animal welfare and environmental action.
Image of Rosana Rampersaud
Rosana Rampersaud

Director, Client Strategy

Rosana is originally from Montréal, though she's called Toronto home for the last 15+ years. A graduate of the Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability program at the University of Toronto, she believes the corporate world needs to take the lead in reforming capitalism and is excited to collaborate with forward-thinking leaders in the development of their social impact platforms. She's also slightly obsessed with learning about human behaviour and how our brain works, along with being a lover of music, summer, beaches, nature and cooking for friends. Her superpower? Knowing that more than one perspective can be true at the same time.
Image of Sarah Embaye
Sarah Embaye

Manager, Client Strategy

Sarah has an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for creative thinking and achieving social impact through strategic partnerships and storytelling. With previous experience in the non-profit, tech and corporate worlds, Sarah has always been keen on driving purpose-driven change both locally and globally through diverse approaches. Her love of food, culture, and adventure has led her around the world where she enjoys exploring the local markets, art scene, libraries and connecting with locals. In her spare time, you’ll probably find her researching her next travel destination, thrifting, and enjoying various art exhibitions. Her equal love of spice and coffee can be connected to her Eritrean roots. Sarah’s ultimate goal is to live a purpose-driven life while contributing positively to the communities around her and empowering underrepresented communities to share their stories.
Image of Teju Oladoyin
Teju Oladoyin

Manager, Client Strategy

With a background in Communications and Marketing within the nonprofit sector, Teju has a penchant for asking "why?" Having always had an interest in the complexities within the socioeconomic landscape, how they come together to inform the lived experiences of different people, and whose stories are told and why, friends have coined her "the people watcher".  Perhaps this explains her interest in reality television. Teju's ultimate goal in life is to lead with love and help drive positive, purpose-driven change in the world.