High-impact talent

Image of Adrienne Rand
Adrienne Rand

VP, Strategy

As a VP of Strategy, Adrienne feels lucky to have made a career out of people “watching”. An anthropologist by training, years ago she became curious about how you could leverage cultural insights to accelerate positive behaviour change. Today she develops strategies based on these insights to benefit both consumers, clients and the issues we work on. A mom of four kids, her greatest societal contribution is doing her part to combat global underpopulation.
Aren Adamian
Aren Adamian

Manager, Creative Impact

Dubbed a Jill of all trades, Aren is a dynamic force behind turning ideas into impactful realities. With a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of social dynamics and trends, they integrate their creative prowess into every step along the journey - from inception through evaluation. Outside of work, you can find Aren with friends, dancing, tending to their plants or diving into new artistic projects before completing existing ones.
Image of Caleigh Farrell
Caleigh Farrell

Head of Research

As Head of Research and Senior Director Strategy, Caleigh marries strategic prowess with a background in Anthropology. Her innate curiosity and use of the anthropological toolkit results in the consistent delivery of research and insight-driven strategies that have been helping our clients profit with purpose since she joined the company in 2013. As a mum to two littles, Caleigh is perpetually under-slept / over-caffeinated and looking for ways to live her values through the great parenting adventure.
Charlotte O’Brien

Coordinator, Client Strategy

With a background in strategy and marketing, Charlotte loves brand storytelling and human-centric problem-solving. Having previously worked in the non-profit sector, Charlotte is excited to continue collaborating with community stakeholders to drive sustainable impact as a Client Coordinator at Public. In her spare time, you’ll find her learning about ancient civilizations, planning her next trip, or spending time in nature.
Image of Dominic Smith
Dominic Smith

Director, Client Strategy

Dominic brings a flair for storytelling to his role as Director, Client Strategy. Throughout his career, he has worked to bring insights and opportunities to light that drive sustainable long-term growth and deliver positive social impact. His approach is to look beyond sectors, focusing on the individual needs and desires of people that ultimately form the trends, behaviours, and systems of the world we live in. When he isn’t working he’s walking, reading, running, writing, or dancing—usually with son, partner, and dog happily in tow. 
Erin Stevens

Creative Director

Erin has spent most of her career working at large, traditional agencies and boutique social agencies across the U.S., on almost every kind of brief imaginable – from luxury cars to mayonnaise jars; from Super Bowl to social content.
She thrives in the fuzzy space between art direction and design. Where big idea meets creative content. Where you do a lot with a little. Where big brands want to talk to the little guy. Where things are funny because they're too true. Where you don't want to just rebrand your product, you want to rebrand your whole industry, too. And where strategy and creative teams join forces for good.
Image of Georgia Cottrelle
Georgia Cottrelle

Director, Client Strategy

A dynamic collaborator and communicator, Georgia Cottrelle is a Client Strategy Manager who leads her projects at Public with a passionate commitment to social impact with an approach steeped in research. Georgia is also never far from a well-steeped cup of tea, even when volunteering to bring fun and meaningful experiences to young campers undergoing cancer treatment and Camp Ooch.
Hannah Willis

Manager, Client Strategy

As a Client Strategy Manager, Hannah always has her hand raised, whether to ask a question or offer to help. "Hopelessly Canadian", Hannah has built her career on compassionately engaging Canadian communities on social issues. Hannah is an SSHRC Canadian Graduate Scholar with her B.Ed in educating for social justice and her MA in communications & culture studies – with a thesis on Trailer Park Boys that her parents definitely, totally endorsed. Hannah loves working at Public because she can walk to work.
Heather Apple

Creative Director

Heather Apple is a Creative Director, a writer and a mom. She's worked in agencies across the US on everything from social posts to a Super Bowl spot. She loves humor, female empowerment and cats.
Image of Indra Persad
Indra Persad

VP, Finance

Merged with her passion for doing good are Indra’s 20+ years as an accounting executive, directing timely financial reports, forecasting, as well as optimizing financial strategies to boost profitability, mitigate risks and enhance business performance. When she’s not perfecting her flow at the yoga studio, Indra’s mantra (at work and at home) is: “How can I make this more productive?” Indra is devoted to volunteering, and helps single mothers and retirees file their taxes; she also makes donations from her professional wardrobe to help women and refugees re-enter the workforce in style.
Chief Creative Officer Jill Applebaum
Jill Applebaum

Chief Creative Officer

As Chief Creative Officer, Jill leads the creative output of the agency. Prior to Public, she worked at many big NYC agencies and spent a 4-year stint at Meta. She has garnered all major industry awards including the Cannes Cyber Grand Prix. Jill has dug in on all types of brands from packaged goods to luxury goods, scooping up every social-purpose project she could get her hands on along the way. She’s thrilled that since joining Public, her favorite type of projects are her whole job. Right now, Jill’s volunteering energy is dedicated to her kids’ NYC public school. She spends what free time she has boxing, reading, drinking too much coffee and spending time with her amazing friends and family.

Junwoo Kahng

Sr Graphic Designer

Jun is a Graphic Designer with a background in film production and photography. He has previously worked at various creative agencies and architecture firms in Toronto. When he’s not working, he is constantly learning about tech and how it can be used in art and design, and he is devoted to anti-racism and social justice. In his spare time – when not learning or working – he chases his two toddlers around, telling them to stop touching things.
Image of Kate Dier
Kate Dier

Sr Manager, Client Strategy

Kate has an innate curiosity about the world and is focused on creating lasting, positive impact. She is passionate about people, has travelled to over 30 countries (and counting), and loves learning about people’s unique experiences and the fundamental similarities between us all. As a Client Strategy Manager at Public, Kate uncovers insights and develops purpose-led strategies to help clients and consumers make their mark on the world.
Image of Katee Hui
Katee Hui

Sr Director, Client Strategy

For most of her adult life, Katee has kept a list of ideas the world needs – ways of connecting the dots where systems are broken or ways of solving a societal or environmental problem. A social entrepreneur at heart, she founded Laces Community Club, the UK's largest football club franchise, exclusively for girls and women. Katee has experience working both client-side in a CSR team and agency-side focused on brand and sustainability strategy across Asia, Europe and North America. When she’s not working, she’s usually enjoying type II fun (not limited to triathlons and marathons) and spending time with her pack: her partner, her daughter, and a tiny wiener dog.
Leona Wang

Intern, Client Strategy

Leona is studying Economics & Business at Western University, where she developed a passion for using business as a force for social good. She loves exploring the intersection of strategy and social impact and is beyond excited to dive deep into those two sectors as a Client Strategy Intern at Public Inc. this summer. In her free time, Leona volunteers for a non-profit organization where she works on projects that strive to enhance girls’ education in Kenya. At some point in her life, Leona hopes to travel around the world and explore different lifestyles. Whenever she's not working or volunteering, you might find her watching movies, reading non-fiction books, or eating gelato!
Image of Marc Lavine
Marc Levine


An explorer and serial entrepreneur, Marc is constantly in search of exciting opportunities, new collaborators, and transformative ideas. Ideas that can have a real impact and truly do some good. In addition to creating businesses, Marc extended his creative spirit to the non-profit sector with the launch of the Exclamation Foundation to stimulate creativity in theatre with The Grand Prix du Theatre, as well as to support initiatives that respect our planet. Marc is also a graduate of l’Ecole Ritz Escoffier; when not cooking Marc can be found meditating on the sea in his kayak.
Image of Mark Flanjak
Mark Flanjak

Integrated Producer

With an unconventional start in the world of film and video, Mark transitioned from engineering technology to film production driven by his passion for telling meaningful stories through creative problem-solving. With experience in brand work, short films, PSAs and music videos, Mark has gravitated towards projects that have a significant impact and meaning. He has a deep appreciation for the environment and takes every opportunity to spend time outdoors, whether it be camping, hiking, or climbing, which helps inform his perspective on life and work.
Megan Wong

Intern, Creative Impact

Megan is currently studying Business Management with a focus on Marketing, Events and Live Entertainment. She has always been passionate about creative expression and creating deep connections with people, which led her to Public. In her free time, Megan volunteers on various student groups at her university, has travelled over 15 countries, and loves taking photos around the city.
Image of Michael Porfirio
Michael Porfirio

Senior Copywriter

The more you learn about something the more interesting it becomes. It’s a simple lesson, but it’s one that helps Michael get the most from life. Fortunately for him, a career in creative advertising comes with endless subjects to explore. As projects come and go, Michael finds himself revisiting the ones that changed the world for the better. Joining the Public team marks a new chapter in his creative journey, where every idea spawns from a passion to make a difference. But when it’s time to focus on himself, Michael returns to curating playlists, tending to houseplants, and hitting the tennis courts with his best friends.
Image of Paul Rivait
Paul Rivait

Director, Creative Impact

What's trending on TikTok? Is anyone still using Snapchat? And who exactly are Millennials? From marketing channel planning to in-depth data analysis, Paul is your go-to. He's passionate about equality and social justice, is an active supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, and is a staunch defender of the Oxford comma. Because even the smallest of causes deserve a champion.
Image of Phillip Haid
Phil Haid

Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO, Phil drives and oversees the growth of the business, ensuring our clients, team and partners profit with purpose. A passionate advocate for businesses to create social and environmental impact that benefits the bottom line, Phil can’t help but get involved in strategies and campaigns that prove our thesis. Phil’s favourite weekend activities include coaching his son’s basketball team, watching the Raptors with his boys and wife, jogging, dinner with friends and as many Netflix movies as possible.
Rachel Klysen

Manager, Client Strategy

Rachel likes to take complicated things and make them simple. When she isn’t knee-deep in research, Rachel can be found knee-deep in snow. Time in nature is a must, and for her, best spent when she’s making outdoor adventures accessible for people with unique needs. She also plants trees: 250,000, to be exact. Which, she’d like to point out, will be toilet paper in 80 years.
Image of Robyn Lobay
Robyn Lobay

Director, Client Strategy

Robyn is a Senior Client Strategy Manager who makes it her job to solve problems creatively, keep projects impactful, strategic, and have fun. In a past life she worked as a sexual assault counsellor, peer educator, and worked in mental health curriculum development. Outside work, this true-crime podcast lover’s flair for justice and investigation doesn’t rest. And she makes her impact felt by rallying for diverse social justice concerns, like women’s and indigenous rights and volunteers for animal welfare and environmental action.
Ruby Judson

Senior Project Manager

With a knack for spreadsheets, systems and schedules, Ruby is good at making things happen. Her upbringing in rural Aotearoa, New Zealand and her experience in social and environmentally-focused projects, has instilled a passion for the environments in which we live and the communities to which we belong.
Image of Sarah Civil
Sarah Civil

Manager, Client Strategy

Her previous experience in commercial post-production paired with her passion for storytelling and desire to live on purpose has led Sarah to Public's Client Strategy team. Between her knack for thrifting and eating a plant-based diet, she is always looking for new ways to be sustainable. And in her free time, you'll find her writing grant applications for the environmental non-profit she volunteers for, taking on a new DIY project, or playing with her rescue pup.
Sarah Wallace Carr

Sr Art Director

Sarah is a Senior Art Director who thrives on human truths and well-timed jokes. She’s happiest with a camera in hand, and even met and adopted her dog Finn while doing shelter photography during grad school. In her free time, you’re most likely to find Sarah out on a hike, on the couch with a book, or defending Survivor as the best reality show of all time.
Image of Shalyse Mackay
Shalyse Mackay


A love for social impact and a passion for creative writing is what led Shalyse to pursue a career as a Copywriter. She's thrilled to finally be joining the two together, at Public. With a mix of volunteer and agency experience, she’s an optimist who always looks towards possibility. If she’s not writing she's probably reading, doing yoga, thrift shopping or restaurant hunting.
Sy Chia

Senior Art Director

Sy is an Art Director with a background in design and production from Singapore. He has previously worked at various advertising agencies in managerial positions and goes about with his quirky candour. He is dedicated to his craft and believes that passion for it comes before politics. When he’s not working, he is either running Artisan & Fox (a craft-based online store using a market intermediary business model for marginalized people and refugees), at a CrossFit box laughing away, or painting.
Or all three –  but hopefully never all at once.
Image of Teju Oladoyin
Teju Oladoyin

Manager, Client Strategy

With a background in Communications and Marketing within the nonprofit sector, Teju has a penchant for asking "why?" Having always had an interest in the complexities within the socioeconomic landscape, how they come together to inform the lived experiences of different people, and whose stories are told and why, friends have coined her "the people watcher".  Perhaps this explains her interest in reality television. Teju's ultimate goal in life is to lead with love and help drive positive, purpose-driven change in the world.
Black & white headshot of Tess DiFrancesco
Tess DiFrancesco

Manager, Client Strategy

Through interdisciplinary approaches to strategy and innovation, Tess is determined to do work that empowers others and invokes meaningful, lasting change. With her Master's degree in Sustainability Management from the University of Toronto, Tess joins Public after helping to manage the global channel partner sustainability program at HP. In the summertime Tess enjoys hiking, rowing, camping, and portaging but, in the colder months, you'll find her cooking, baking, and playing games with family and friends.
Zaehen Ghanshani


Zaehen’s passion for art began at an early age when she was growing up in Mumbai, India. Even after moving to Canada to pursue a Psychology degree at McGill, she constantly found herself involved in personal and professional creative projects, realizing that it was her true calling. She enjoys using her art as a medium to draw attention to social issues and facilitate meaningful discourse. Her other interests include trying out new recipes, riding her bicycle around Montréal, and being a devoted cat mum.