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The Public Lab

The Public Lab engages today’s corporate impact leaders in a confidential peer community to improve practice through honest stories of success and challenge. From marketers using purpose and partnerships to employee engagement and supply chain pioneers to innovators creating novel forms of civic action and beyond, we recognize that intrapreneurs are paving the road ahead towards a purpose economy. Across North America, we have grown the Lab Community to over 300 practitioners.

Coffee with Purpose

In 2020, we launched Coffee with Purpose. As we found ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, a social justice movement and an ever-changing landscape, we felt we needed to create a space to hold meaningful conversations and foster connection. During a time where loneliness was more common than not, and hope seemed difficult to grapple with, we spoke with Lab members about the incredible social and environmental initiatives, from brands supporting men’s mental health, to voting rights in America, down to sustainable fabrics and ethical supply chains.


Here are some short clips of those conversations, enjoy!

Lab events

Prior to 2020, we hosted quarterly events in Toronto, San Francisco and New York, involving panel discussion from industry leaders followed by open, honest and enriching conversations with practitioners across sectors and functions. These real-talk, off-the-record conversations gave senior leaders a space to connect, share and address challenges and opportunities faced.


Below you will find some highlights from previous events. We hope to continue gathering when it is safe to do so!

Public & Shopify, B&J | Toronto

Social impact landscape in Canada and CEO activism

Public & Airbnb | San Francisco

What happens behind the scenes as brands prepare to take a public stance?

Public & Harry’s | New York

The evolution of brands taking stands.

Public & Cisco | San Francisco

The growing expectations of brands to take stands on hot-button issues.

Public & Ford Fdn | New York

Bridging the Divide: How brands and Foundations can come together to create large scale measurable change

Public & SmileTrain | New York

Building and maintaining effective brand partnerships.

Public & Postmates | San Francisco

How companies in the Silicon Valley area are approaching social impact.

Public & DonorsChoose | New York

How brands are responding amidst the risks and opportunities of the post-#MeToo world.

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