Don’t give Gillette credit unless it does a lot more than making an ad

Giving $3 million over three years without a commitment to measurable results is not meaningful action from a company that does $6 billion in sales and wants to say it’s making a difference.

Gillette’s new ad, “The Best Men Can Be,” has generated a lot of chatter over the past week. For those unfamiliar, the spot reimagines Gillette’s 30-year tagline, “The best a man can get,” by challenging the definition of manhood and the dark manifestations of toxic masculinity that come with it–bullying, sexual and physical harassment, mansplaining, and the like.

The reaction has been swift. With over 20 million views, the number of dislikes to likes is 2 to 1. The main argument against the ad is the belief that Gillette is lecturing at men, painting a negative and exaggerated portrait that doesn’t reflect reality. Many feel the company is being politically correct in this era of #MeToo, questioning its credibility and motivations. Others appreciate the conversation the company is sparking and believe the issues raised need more discussion and action.

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