Aphria grows gardening know-how in CSR platform

As a major cannabis producer, Aphria already knows a lot about plants, and for its first public-facing CSR effort called “Plant Positivity,” the company is looking to spread knowledge to the rest of Canadians.

At Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, the cannabis producer has added six new gardens and 50 varieties of native plant species to the existing 8,000 square metres of green space, which is meant to help visitors reflect on the impact plants have on their well-being, as well as educate them on ways they might be able to integrate more green space into their daily lives. Each garden has a different theme: the “Heal” garden, for example, features plants like Witch Hazel and Lemon Balm that have medicinal properties. The “Connect” garden features benches surrounded by herbs that can be picked and also serves as a place for conversation. The “Thrive” garden is full of different vegetables that can be grown in the city.

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