‘Hanks for Keeping your Distance

6-feet long decal sticker stuck flat on the ground with image of Tom Hanks standing and text 'Hanks for keeping your distance'

Many things have changed over the last 4 months of the pandemic. But one message has remained consistent: keeping 6 feet apart helps us stay safe. 

As luck would have it, Tom Hanks (who recovered from COVID, and is a vocal mask and distancing champion) is exactly 6 feet tall, making him the perfect safety measurement tool. (And who wouldn’t listen to Tom Hanks?)

We’re always thinking of ways to help our clients stay ahead of the curve, but this felt like a creative opportunity to help our communities, too. So we decided to launch a new, light-hearted campaign to help remind us all to keep our distance.

The #HanksForDistancing campaign stickers launched on July 15th and will be featured in front of two LCBO locations in Toronto (87 Front St E. and 49 Spadina Ave), with more businesses coming soon. If your store, coffee shop or neighbourhood would like to take part, please reach out to us at!

‘Hanks for reading, and remember to stay 6 feet apart.