Taking a Break Might Be the Most Important Thing You Do This Year.

To keep doing great work, sometimes you need a break from it.

The past 18 months have been the ultimate test of our ability to learn, adapt and persevere on a near constant basis. We’ve learned when office life and home life share space like never before, they can collide. We’ve learned working remotely isn’t remotely easy (and yet how privileged we are to be able to do so). And how, when everyone is busy worrying about their physical health, mental health is every bit as important. 

That’s why we gave ourselves a break— a week off for everyone, all at once, to rest, reflect and recharge— both to recognize our team’s outstanding work, and to recognize that work isn’t everything.   

Muskoka chairs on a dock in front of a lake

Publicans were thrilled and grateful at the announcement of an extra five days off. And as usual, they made the days count. They caught up on quality time with family. They got outdoors. Some found peace redecorating their homes. Others completely relocated. Many just appreciated finishing summer with a buffer before a new school year.

Whatever they did with the time, 100% of Publicans surveyed felt it was useful for their mental health and well-being. 80% felt it was drastically important for their mental health. Our clients were even more impressed, inspired, and wildly supportive of the initiative. We have a feeling they could all use some extra time off this year, too. Could you?  

The way our team has risen to the challenges of pandemic life makes me prouder than ever to do what we do, especially since we’re seeing unprecedented need for businesses to step up and do the right thing in the world. But with that comes unprecedented need within every business as well: the need to look after your people first. When you do that, the work looks after itself. Last week, our team returned refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to make an impact. 

As the contours of our work and our lives continue to change, learning to balance the two— not only as individuals, but as a company— is critical. Let’s remember that over the next 18 months, no matter what they bring. 

Phil Haid
CEO, Public Inc.