Don’t Let ChatGPT Know More Than You About Marketing 

Every year, leading up to moments such as Black History Month and Women’s History Month, we at Public get all kinds of requests asking us to help businesses across the globe navigate those upcoming months of recognition. Some brands can still feel hesitant to join the conversation for fear of making a mistake and facing the backlash of an angry Twitter mob. 

We understand the desire to get it right. After all, we know that making an authentic impact campaign isn’t easy. That’s why we do what we do. But after so many years of the world honouring these moments, we often wonder how so many can still be confused about how to even begin. 

So, this year, we asked ChatGPT to write us a recommendation for marketing during moments like Black History Month or Women’s History Month. And, it surprisingly came back with some good suggestions – including 3 insights we often use to start conversations with our own clients. 

Here’s what the robots told us:  And if you need help, you always have us.

Any marketing efforts that you or your business embark upon during Black History Month and Women’s History Month require a thoughtful and intentional approach. It’s important to centre your messaging on the voices and experiences of the communities themselves, rather than simply using these months as an opportunity to sell products or services.

One way to approach this is by highlighting and partnering with Black-owned and women-owned businesses. This can include featuring them in social media posts, promoting their products or services, or even collaborating on a special campaign.

Another approach is to use these months as an opportunity to educate and engage with your audience. This can include sharing stories and resources that help them learn more about Black history and women’s history, highlighting contributions and achievements of Black and women leaders, and using your platform to raise awareness and support for social justice issues affecting these communities.

Ultimately, the key to marketing authentically during Black History Month and Women’s History Month is to listen, learn, and amplify the voices and experiences of Black and women communities in an intentional and meaningful way.”

With an understanding of what each of your team members truly wants from their employer, designing a great employee engagement strategy becomes that much clearer. At Public, we see the employee experience as one of the first steps in an organization’s journey to meaningful social impact; a case study for how you can impact the world outside of your own ‘four walls’.

Is that everything you need to know? Of course not. But if a non-sentient being like ChatGPT knows even the basics when it comes to honouring these important moments, then brands around the world have zero excuses to not get involved. Speaking out and celebrating the world’s diversity isn’t an option in this day and age. There are countless great campaigns out there to look to for inspiration.   

And if you need help, you always have us.

Public Inc.