A Special Campaign for A Special Place

Take a look at our latest campaign for Sunnybrook

Patient at Sunnybrook Hospital with the headlines “Breakthroughs Happen Here”

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is special. There are special cases, like Prince who came to Sunnybrook after a serious burn injury. There are special spaces, like the Goldring Hybrid Operating Room where multidisciplinary teams can more easily work together. There are special techniques like scalpel-free brain surgery through Focused Ultrasound treatments. And special people—some even specialized in their fields—that work there and help us all in our toughest moments.

The moment we started working with Sunnybrook, we knew immediately that the place was special. We could tell the moment we walked in. But they need the help of people everywhere to keep it that way. In our latest campaign for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (SHSC), we set out to raise awareness of the hospital and why it is the place to be in your toughest moments.

We’re so glad to see so many responding with such positivity to this work. From Adweek to Strategy Magazine and The Message, people have been inspired by the amazing work that Sunnybrook does every day. We hope it continues to inspire donors around the world to give to the Sunnybrook Foundation so that they can keep making these special moments happen, all year long.

Every donation to the Sunnybrook Foundation funds research advancements, medical innovations and improvements in patient care, not just here but worldwide.

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