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The Challenge 
Canadian Philanthropy isn’t working. Weak legislation has allowed $85 billion dollars to sit, unused, in the bank accounts of charitable foundations, with only 3.5% of this money being given away each year. At a time when 68% of charities in Canada have seen a decrease in donations, distributing this money would have the potential to create transformative change in providing security and access to opportunities and long-term resources to underserved communities. But the average Canadian doesn’t know these things. Justice Fund’s #MoveTheMoney campaign sought to bring awareness to the issue and to galvanize Canadians to urge the federal government to demand more from private foundations.


The Approach
To engage the public, we sought to bring attention to the $85 billion being held in the bank accounts of private foundations. To demonstrate how little of this money is being given away, our work used a stunt to show the contrast between the money being given away to charity and the money being hoarded by private foundations. We hired an 18 wheeler truck to represent the huge amount of charitable money that is available for giving, and contrasted it with a toy truck to show how little is being given away. We parked the truck outside of City Hall for the day, with a QR code on the back of the truck driving people passing by to engage and send an email to the Canadian government demanding change.


Collective Impact
Through our ongoing campaign efforts, we managed to get members of the public to send over 1100 emails to government officials in Canada demanding change. The campaign also reached approximately 52,000 people across Instagram and Twitter, further raising awareness among Canadians of the need to #MoveTheMoney… A movement that is only just getting started. 


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