Canadian Tire Corporation

The Challenge
For years Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) has been committed to supporting the communities in which they serve, but their efforts have not been formally documented. To address this, Public was asked to tell the story of 2020’s community impact initiatives and Canadian Tire Corporation’s commitment to responsible business through the development of the company’s first annual Impact report. 

The Approach
Through close collaboration with the CTC team, we developed the company’s first Impact Report. The purpose of the report was to demonstrate Canadian Tire’s commitment to community impact and to begin building equity in CTC’s environmental and people, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. The report acts as a comprehensive overview of Canadian Tire’s efforts throughout 2020 and exemplifies its dedication to being a leading purpose-driven company in Canada. 

The Impact
The report, published on the Canadian Tire Corporation website, will be used as a benchmark for future annual Impact Reports.

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    Canadian Tire Corporation


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