Johnson & Johnson


The Challenge

Due to systemic racism, in the United States and around the world, the color of your skin is a determinant of how well and how long you live.


The Approach

Enter Johnson & Johnson Our Race to Health Equity (ORTHE), J&J’s $100M enterprise-wide commitment to close the racial health gap so the color of your skin is not a determinant of your access to care, quality of care or health outcomes.

Public was tasked in 2021 to help J&J articulate its unique approach and to develop creative communications to engage target audiences in ORTHE and ORTHE supported solutions from the development of an ORTHE manifesto video, to the development of Program Spotlight videos, infographics and impact stories.


The Impact

This work is currently in market and continues to make an ongoing impact. More details to follow.


The Partners

Erix Mercedes

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    Johnson & Johnson