The Challenge 

Nestlé Canada came to Public looking to find a way to engage and retain existing talent, while also attracting new talent. They wanted to show the world what it means to work at Nestlé and the opportunities that await each and every employee. 


The Approach

We began the work by conducting stakeholder interviews with employees across departments and seniority levels to understand what brought people to Nestlé Canada and what kept them there. Through these conversations, we uncovered one consistent theme: employees loved to work at Nestlé Canada because they were given the opportunity to create change through their work. Those stories needed to be told. So, we launched the employee brand platform: Nestlé Changemakers.


The Impact

The platform was launched internally by their CEO John Carmichael during their annual all staff conference as well as across internal office screens, before going out externally to the world through a paid-media campaign on social. Changemakers were nominated by their peers, and a mix of both animated and IRL videos helped show what it’s like to be a Nestlé Changemaker, which helped build both internal pride and external interest from new talent. 


The Partners

Michael Janzen, Illustrator
Peter Kienetz, Animator
David Boire, Audio

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