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The Challenge 

The Toronto Blue Jays are a historic franchise that helps inspire kids across the country to play a game we all love. Sadly, many youth, particularly those from marginalized communities, are up against barriers that prevent them from having access to sport and experiencing the power of play. With their annual Play Ball event coming up in April, the Jays Care Foundation wanted to find a way to showcase the power and importance of play to drive donations that would help create a more level playing field for all.


The Approach

When kids can play freely, they develop the fundamental skills that lead to a brighter future. We sought to maintain the essence of the Blue Jays brand while also communicating the power of play. This work started with the design of a new logo and extended to every messaging touchpoint at the events to ensure a cohesive look and feel.

Every touchpoint was designed to ensure that guests experienced how powerful play can be, and the positive benefits it unlocks. If guests wanted swag, they needed to play for it. If they wanted a picture, they were going to have to get playful. Games and fun moments lined every corner of Rogers Stadium, and the resounding positivity, and sense of play, directly impacted the evening’s success.

The Impact

Thanks to the power of play, over 1,300 guests helped Jays Care Foundation raise an impressive $1.8 million — all in one night. Those funds will go towards helping marginalized youth across the country, getting us one step closer to a world where every child gets the chance to play.


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