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The Challenge 

When it comes to health, women have historically been left out of the conversation, leading to a lack of access to proper care and understanding of their unique health needs. With women across the country feeling unheard, their symptoms misunderstood, and their needs ignored, it was abundantly clear that women’s health equity is something that needs to be discussed in the mainstream. This is why Shoppers Foundation for Women’s Health is working to Make Women’s Health Visible.


The Approach

What originally started as a strategic exercise to provide more focus to the Shoppers Life Foundation’s work, evolved into the complete rebranding of the foundation from the Shoppers Life Foundation to Shoppers Foundation for Women’s Health and the launch of a new platform “Make Women’s Health Visible”, replacing the previous LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart platform.

With this rebrand came a newfound focus within women’s health: equity. Developed with inputs from professionals and community members across the women’s health landscape, the foundation’s new strategy focuses on advancing women’s health equity through improving access to care and support, increasing awareness of the health equity gap and women’s unique health needs, and supporting critical women’s health research and innovation. To ensure inclusivity for all women, this work went beyond the sex and gender binary, welcoming the experiences of all women and gender-diverse people.


The Impact

The foundation was relaunched in July through an integrated campaign that includes in-store, social, and broadcast assets, all with the rallying cry of making women’s health visible. The work drives consumers to the foundation’s website where they can learn more about women’s health equity in Canada and support the foundation’s work through donations.


The Partners
Production Company: Skin and Bones
Director: Jennifer Roberts
Post Sound: OSO
Colour & VFX: The Vanity
Editing: Outsider

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