2020 made quite an impact.

We're proud to say that we did, too.

Purpose brands faced challenges of pandemic proportions.

We supported our clients to turn those challenges into opportunities to drive meaningful social impact through purpose strategies, platforms, and campaigns.

We faced an unparalleled shift in running our own business.

We approached our own business the same as we do with our clients. We put our team first and galvanized them to drive impactful change within our new digital walls and out in the world.

Project Highlights

And that's just a small glimpse into the impact we put out in the world last year.

For our own organization, our impact started right here at home. Literally.

Internal Initiatives

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We continued our ongoing actions and took year-long trainings to deepen our knowledge and to ensure that our teams, our operations, and our cultural practices both embrace and encourage this at the core.

Black Lives Matter

We made ongoing time, space, and training available for our teams to have very important and open conversations around systemic racism and how they can become more informed and how they can truly make an impact.

Hours of Action

As an organization we set aside 1 hour every Friday morning for our entire team to individually dedicate to something actionable and impactful.


As part of our corporate promise, we made 40 hours of paid volunteer time available per year for each of our staff members.

In a year where we had a lot taken away from us, we gave back more than ever before.

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