Girl’s Opportunity Alliance



The Challenge 

Today, more than 100 million adolescent girls around the world are not in school. That’s a lot of empty desks—and a lot of dreams that are being cut short. And while many people understand the importance of investing in girls’ education globally, the majority of people in the United States don’t see it as their issue and therefore don’t take action or donate. The Obama Foundation hired Public Inc. to create a fundraising platform for the Girls Opportunity Alliance initiative that would make the issue of global girls’ education and empowerment feel like everybody’s issue. The vision was that this fundraising platform would become a central part of the way Girls Opportunity Alliance activates throughout the year in order to raise money and awareness.


The Approach

Public led the creative and strategic development process for Get Her There. This included the development of creative concepts, a corporate sponsorship strategy, individual donor strategy, a marketing and communication plan well as the execution of all creative assets (logo, campaign style guide, 30s & 60s short films, campaign website, social media assets, newsletters, and event assets). 

Get Her There was launched as a global call to action to educate and empower adolescent girls around the world to reach their full potential. The platform was launched on October 11 2022 (International Day of the Girl).


The Impact

The #GetHerThere campaign was the Obama Foundation’s first-ever cause marketing effort and represented an expansion of the Girls Opportunity Alliance’s reach and impact, allowing the organization to support thousands more girls around the world. The #GetHerThere launch campaign has garnered more than 1 BILLION impressions, raised millions of dollars from corporate sponsors such as lululemon and LEGO, and was featured in major publications such as Elle, Time, and People, even resulting in a prime-time special on CNN


The Partners
Namuh Media (Video Production)
Genius Productions (Video Production)

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  • Client

    Obama Foundation - Girl's Opportunity Alliance


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